We are mainly a covers band, playing a diverse mixture of songs, mostly well-known popular hits but we have some surprises too. We play songs originally made famous by wonderful artists such as Stevie Wonder, Kate Bush, Snow Patrol, David Bowie, George Michael, kd Lang, Michael Jackson, the Beatles, Elbow and many, many more. We also play a few jazz standards, in a relaxed, laid back style. And we're always open to suggestions of songs you'd like to hear us play!

Here are a few excerpts from songs which we recorded live in our rehearsal room.

We also have a demo cd available, let us know if you'd like a copy and we'd be happy to send you one.

time after time

chelsea morning

it's too late

chasing cars

the man who sold the world

phone 07894 880728

email info@stolenchords.co.uk